Silent G Farms



The hot tub + Sauna + pond

Just behind the Farm House you’ll find a free-standing wood-burning cedar sauna, with old Keppler stove and stones ready to steam off with water.

Or if wet heat is your jam, perched towards the top of our property is the eight-person hot tub limousine (time machine?!)… we love it best with the lights off so you can see the stars. 

Our springfed pond is totally swimmable… and stocked with fish.


Zen Garden


A work in progress, just into our forest at the far end of the property is our Zen Garden, featuring our Crazy Buddha collection. Now a Silent G tradition, please by all means bring your Crazy Buddha and ceremoniously place it amongst the rest. We envision thousands of them over the years!

We plan to make this area more and more magical over time, so be sure to hike out to check it out for a peaceful, tree-singing meditation.


Chef Dave Kornell


The man. The myth. Chef Dave.

Once upon a time Blue Ribbon and Executive Chef at Brooklyn Bowl, now creator of extraordinary culinary experiences that combine farmers market sourced, exquisitely crafted, and always graceful food celebrations.

Silent G Farms’ Executive Chef Dave and cook staff is available when booked in advance.